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    [Program] Steam Group Auto Inv...

    21 March 2017 , by Sneaky.amxx

    This is the GlobalModders Steam Group Auto Inviter software. 2017 Updated Video Tutorial Video Preview and Tutorial (Older Version) Features —Update 2017-3-21— Added MultiThreading support to prevent UI Freezing Ability to check for Game / AppID while extracting users from groups New GUI Layout <3 —Update 2016-5-12— Optio... Read more

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    [CS1.6] Quake 3 Mod

    8 February 2017 , by Sneaky.amxx

    Originally I developed this mod in 2011.. But as of a few months ago it has been rewritten from scratch making it more professional so it can manage itself. Now on map start the mod will vote which game mode you would like to play. from the follow choices : Free for all, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, or Random... Read more

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    STEAM 群自动邀请人软件 2016...

    12 May 2016 , by Sneaky.amxx

    我想说你好中国社区! … 我来自意大利. .我不讲中文很好 我是一个软件工程师。我已经开发出一些STEAM软件 我的软件可以增加STEAM群人的数量..如果你是一个商人。或者只是人与游戏服务器运行一个游戏社区。你可以用我的软件获得大量的人流量你可以很容易地获得100万小组成员我已经将软件中文. .我还创建了一个软件的视频教程 如果你对这个软件感兴趣的联系我。 QQ 1282743988 STEAM http://steamcommunity.com/id/sneakyamxx/ SKYPE : HumboldtAnon 现在我将显示截图和解释 下面的截图: 現在你需要將你的群號ID輸入点击按钮”添加群 下面的截图: 你可以提取所有用户ID从现有的群,并将它们添加到一个... Read more

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    [CS1.6] Desert Eagle Vampire (...

    7 May 2016 , by Dias Leon

    Desert Eagle Crimson Hunter is a 30-round .45 ACP fed pistol with the peculiar quirk of draining the blood of its target which is put together within a orbuculum or grenade, after successfully landing a predetermined number of shots on a target. The impact of the grenade wreaks dreadful harm and knockback to its surroundings. Advantages High damage... Read more

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    [CS1.6] Addon: Item Battle

    4 May 2016 , by Dias Leon

    Item Battle is a fun addon from CSO, now i made it for CS1.6 The goal is to kill the enemy team with various special items to achieve the victory. This mode is similar to Zombie Union, except it doesn’t involve zombies. Note that all fall damage has been nullified, excepting special conditions involved with the map itself. Offensive Items... Read more