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On this page you will find contact information for the members of the GlobalModders Dev Team


Founder of GlobalModders.net

Dias PenDragon Leon

 Co-Founder of GlobalModders.net


Co-Founder of GlobalModders.net


Founder of FaceWAN.com


Dev Team Member

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GlobalModders.net was originally founded in 2007 by Sneaky.amxx, v3x, and AlicanC

Originally created as a gaming community hosting heavily customized modded servers for goldsource engine games.

In 2015 we started taking our programming to a whole new level by making software that the gaming community could find useful.

We've been putting together a very talented team of developers to work together toward a new goal in making our own stand alone game on the steam market.

And donations or purchases of our content will further help us to fund this operation and we greatly appreciate the support.


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