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This is the GlobalModders Steam Group Auto Inviter software.

2017 Updated Video Tutorial

Video Preview and Tutorial (Older Version)


—Update 2017-3-21—

  • Added MultiThreading support to prevent UI Freezing
  • Ability to check for Game / AppID while extracting users from groups
  • New GUI Layout <3

—Update 2016-5-12—

  • Option to only invite online users which rapidly increases growth of your group
  • Option to check user’s Steam Level before invite and only invite people at least level X and higher

—Update 2015-12-12—

  • Extract user ids from any existing group of your choosing into a local database on your computer.
  • Invite users automatically from your local database into your own group
  • Marks invited users and makes sure not to invite them more than once.
  • Easily create steam groups with over 100,000 members
  • Brings traffic to any community or business.

Screenshots :

Extracting users from 1 group into your database


Inviting users from your database into your own group 🙂


Skipping offline users and only inviting online users to rapidly increase growth of your group!







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